Lost Objects 


A project exploring the relationship individuals have with possessions they have lost. After conducting primary research I have formed this collection of cards in memory of the objects lost. The Catalogue of Lost Objects is a collection of possessions, valuables and objects lost. After reading about the worlds largest lost and found depot, Transport for London’s Baker Street collection. The manager Peter Cowan discusses his reason for taking the job after the feeling of dread he experienced when he lost his computer on public transport, “That empathy, I guess, drew me towards the role.”. This resinated with me as I realised the emotion that I hold towards things that I and others have lost, even if they have no connection to me personally. As a person forever fearful of losing anything at all, this some what bizarrely dramatic empathy became my motivation for this book. I hoped to create this in memory of these possessions people have lost and to offer a permanent place for these lost items, after they have gone. The objects, I never saw myself so have had to use stock images to provide a ‘face-to-a-name’, I felt that this was appropriate to represent the nature of loss and the reality that many things we won’t see again, the possessions remain in our memories and now in a vague often mismatched representation to explore this. From keyring's to family heirlooms this collection aims to celebrate the mundane as well as the most personal and sometimes painful loses working as a form of catharsis for those things we can never replace. A collection that I hope to continue building.